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Hire designers & developers

  • We will provide experienced designers and programmer from different fields to fulfill your daily technical requirements of your growing business.

  • You can choose number of people to hire based on a particular project or your day to day business needs.

  • Get top notch quality of talent while reducing your expenses.

Save money,
Save Resources

We will handle everything for you

  • Don't waste money and time on lengthy recruitment process- we will select the best people to do your job.

  • Hire one, get multiple - team is flexible, we can attach or remove people to your contract as per changing requirement.

  • No expenses for office resources.

  • No expenses for insurances, bonus, etc.

All the happiness without worries

  • A dedicated communication/team manager will be assigned to you for a streamlined communication channel.

  • As per your plan, you may change the number of people assigned, time and skills (example a 2d designer can we swapped with a 3d designer).

  • Since all our resources are centralized, we can provide these services to you at a much lower cost of operation as compare to you hiring a permanent employee.




Small Business

Starts at $4500

  • Team Members: 1-3

  • Total Work: 160 hours/month

  • Graphic designers, UX/UI Designers, Content Editor, Video Editors, front end developers, etc.

Expanding Business

Starts at $8000

  • Team Members: 3-6

  • Total Work: 360 hours/month

  • 2D & 3D Animators, UX Researchers, Back-end Developers.


Ask for quotation

  • Team Members: >10

  • Total Work: +500 hours/month

  • Custom plans for large teams.

  • Setup whole department.

  • Experts from different fields.

5 Star Rating


"As a startup, we need to reduce our expense while focusing on growth. Indudo has provided us a way to reduce cost by outsourcing design teams."

L. Duong

“We have been using Design services from Indudo. Daily communication and meeting were flawless. It seems like we have an in-house design team. We loved the freedom & flexibility because we can add or remove designers as per our needs to keep the cost low.”

Jose Pablo

“We have small projects that often needs designing and coding but hiring a full time designer and coder was quite expensive so we started using Indudo's services. We are more than happy with their work. We recommend Indudo if you don't want to a permanent employee and expenses related to it.”

Priya Gunga

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